Distinguished International Congress on Economics and Administrative Sciences and Local,

The first gathering of our congress organized and held by ORP Consulting and Organization to be held on 07-08 December 2019 in Ankara Alba  Hotel will cover such topics as managerial sciences, working life and unionism.

Our congress gives participants the opportunity to share information between managers, academics and trade union managers and employees, as well as giving participants the opportunity to recognize each other and produce joint works.

The subtitles that will be determined in accordance with the main theme of the congress will not be limiting, but may include all subjects given below under the themes of managerial sciences, business life and unionism:

  • Management Sciences
  • Social Policy
  • Unionism
  • Labor economics
  • Industrial Relations
  • Business law
  • Sociology of Work
  • Work life
  • Social Security
  • Income Distribution and Income Policy
  • Employment and Unemployment


Participants can create a special session on a topic they determine. The languages of the congress are Turkish and English.

We hope that our congress will be beneficial and efficient for our country and for all the world scientists, and we are honored to invite you to our congress which will take place in Ankara on behalf of our organization committee.

Hope to see you in Zeytinburnu Hilton stanbul Hotel …


Prof. Dr. Mustafa TALAS

Head of the Congress